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Terms of sale

General conditions of sales
These general conditions of sales are applicable to any individual customer.
Their use is to govern the contract relationship between azitiz.co and individual customers. For professionals, azitiz.co will edit it’s own sales conditions when
a contract of collaboration will be elaborated to govern all transactions.
All online orders, the Client declares having been informed and accepted
without regard these general conditions of sales. All other conditions,
of any kind, will engage azitiz.co only after a written confirmation on their part.
All information appearing on the website is shown only for your guidance
and can be modified by azitiz.co at any time without warning.
The general conditions of sales, detailed below, register the contract relationship between azitiz.co and azitiz.co website users (Clients).
Author of the offer
The author of the offer is the company azitiz.co owned by Chabredier Maud  registred on the registre du commerce et des sociétés
under the SIRET 522 689 074 00030.
Scope of application
These general conditions of sales are the only conditions applicable
and replace all other conditions, written or non-written. azitiz.co can pomptly modify certain disposition  of it’s general conditions of sales. These modifications are valid as soon as they are put on line and cannot be applicable to any prior contact.
azitiz.co can address any notification scheduled on a contract,
either by a publication on the website, either par e-mail or by mail to a client registred in it’s files. The Client  recognizes and accepts that one or the orther
of these methods of notification is sufficient for his information.
The order of products presented on the website azitiz.co is subordinate
of the acceptance by the Client and is worth to approval without regard
by this one of the entire general conditions of sales exposed below.
The Client’s approval may be materialized by a clic of validation .
his method is the equivalent for the Client of his recognition that he fully took notice and that he approves the entire generel conditions of sales shown below. Failing using the the customer’s right of revocation, the Client is irrevocably engaged to the order after having it approved electronically by the clic of validation.
Consequently, we would advise our online users of azitiz.co to read carefully
the general conditions of sales before proceeding any order of products
appearing on the website.
The products proposed for sale are those appearing in the electronic catalog
on the website azitiz.co on the day the client is consulting the website.
Our product offer and price are applicable as long as they are showing
on the site. The pictures in the catalog are as close as possible to the original
but cannot guarantee perfect copy of the product on sale, especially concerning the colors in reason of the client’s computer screen setting when vewing
the items. The products proposed for sale are described et presented
with the most accuracy as possible, however the indications of weight,
size, color, and details are only given for your guidance since each items are handmade and can vary from one another.
The products are proposed for sale until stock depletion. In case of a temporary out of stock or a definitive depletion the Client will be informed directly on the website or by e-mail for the delivery delay. In case of a definitive depletion,
the payment will be restored to the client or a credit will be proposed as he wishes.
Product fares
All fares are shown on the website inclusive of all taxes (TTC) and in Euros,
but without delivery fees that are payable by the Client unless otherwise mentioned or particular conditions.
The price showing includes all the taxes applicable on the day of order.
If a tax rate would eventually change, these modifications could be applied
to the price of the items without the Client being informed in advance.
In case of an order to an other country than France métropolitaine,
customs charges and local taxes would remain to the client’s charge
or the person indicated on the order form.
azitiz.co keeps de right to modify their prices at any time, nonetheless the price showing on the catalog on the day of the purchase is the only applicable
by the Client, onless a typography error or availability.
Shipping and handling charges
Each order on the website causes shipping and handling charges
for the package delivery. The amount of those charges varies depending
on the weight, the destination and the value of the items ordered.
The shipping and handling charges can be reduced or removed depending
on the commercial operation in progress.
The shipping and handling charges are calculated before validating the order.
Please refer to the board below :
France 4€
Europe 6€
USA 6€
Canada 6€
The fact of taking order implies a full and irrevocable adhesion of the general conditions of sales and the renunciation to prevail your own conditions
of purchase and other conditions.
Any order by the Client is the acceptance of the price and description
of the product available on sale.
All the information given and the clic of validation (law of May 13th 2000
on the electronic signature) hold good for proof of the transaction.
azitiz.co confirms the details of the client’s order by e-mail.
azitiz.co keeps the right to cancel or refuse any order by a Client with whom
there have been a default of payment concerning a prior order or presents
to their jugement any kind of risk.
Validation of the order
The Client who wishes to pass an order will be asked, beforhand,
to identify himself and confirm  his agreement to the general conditions of sales. On that matter, he will fill in, according to the indication given on line,
a form available to him where he will give all the informatin necessary
for his identification especially his name, first name, e-mail, mailing address
and delivery address to assure a secure and a good quality delivery.
The order will finally be valid by the Client when he clics the “Valider la commande” button and therefore manifest his commitment and acceptance
to the general conditions of sales. At that instant, the order will be registered
and an order number will be given to the Client and a confirmation will appear
on the screen and/or by e-mail. The information registered by azitiz.co constitutes the proof of the nature, the matter and the date of the order.
Order handling
The orders are registered on opening days.  Any order generates a confirmation
to the Client by e-mail. The orders will be treated within 48h following
the confirmation by azitiz.co as soon as the payment is given by the Client
and registered by Azitiz.co.
Details and place of delivery : The items will be delivered to the delivery address given on the order form. The Client has to verify the exactitude and the accordance of the information given when passing an order, especially
concerning the mailing address.
Azitiz.co cannot be hold responsable for any eventual mistakes taped by the Client and therefore ends (for example : a delay or error in the delivery).
In that context, a fee will be charged to the Client for redelivering the order.
Payment conditions
To pay an order, the Client disposes of all the payment modes proposed when validating the final order form. By validating the order form, the Client garantees
to azitiz.co having all the authorization necessary to use the chosen mode of payment.
Modes of payment proposed :
Credit Card (Online payment) : The payments by credit cards will be registered
et made by the secured system Paypal (A Paypal account is not necessary).
The order will be treated only after the validation of the online payment.
PayPal account : The payments by Paypal accounts will be made by the secured system Paypal.  The Client has to have an open account to use this mode of payment. The order will be treated as soon as Paypal has validated the transaction.
Currency of payment
Any order made on azitiz.co, wherever it’s origin, is payable in Euros.
Payment dispute
azitiz.co keeps the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order made by a Client who did not totally pay or partially pay a prior order or that a payment dispute is currently in the administration’s department.
Security and confidentiality  regarding online payments
The secuity system put in place for the credit card payments is the secured system Paypal. The personal informations and the credit card numbers don’t clearly transit through internet network, the informations are coded and given by a SSL protocole. (SSL Certificate ).
azitiz.co never has access to your bank account, credit card number nor your password.
Fight against fraud
Before sending an order and to prevent any fraud related to internet sales, azitiz.co keeps the right to ask the Client to proove his address and/or his identity. Failing to  justify or if the relevant documents given doesn’t assure the identity of the author of the order and the accuracy of the legal address, azitiz.co will be obliged to cancel the order to garantee the security of the transactions.
Delivery deadlines
Our maximum deadline to send your order to delivery is 7 opening days from
the day the payment has been registered.  You will be informed by e-mail
as soon as the order has been sent for delivery.
In case of unexpected delay, an e-mail will be sent to you.
All the packages are carefully prepared by azitiz.co team member.
We insure that the packages are in a good condition before sending to delivery. However, the client has the obligation to verify the good condition of the package at the arrival and to refuse it if dammaged. If at the opening of the package,
the client notices a flaw, he has to contact our customer service within 3 days after reception of the delivery. If no complaint has been made in that deadline,
the package is considered to be accepted in that state.
Delivery deadline
The applicable delivery deadline is the one appearing when validating an order. The dealine given is calculated in open days from the day the payment has been registered.
Except express shipping demanded on your part, our shipping are made by Lettre Max or non-followed package.
The carrier selected by azitiz.co is the post for the non-followed packages
or Lettre Max bus keeps the right to use any other carrier if needed.
The Lettre Max gives a priority delivery.
Delivery delays related to the carrier
In case of a delivery delay within 8 opening days, from the original date given, azitiz.co suggest our Client to verify with the post office or the carrier if the package in not pending for delivery. In that case, azitiz.co invites the Client to inform this delay. Azitiz.co will contact then the carrier so that an investigation
is opened.
An investigation can last up to 21 opening days. If in that period, the pagckage
is found, i t will be immediately sent to the Client or the person appearing on the order form. On the other hand, if the package is not found after the 21 opening days of investigation, you can ask for a refund.
It is to be reminded that no refund nor reshipping can be asked before the investigation is closed.
Right of revocation, Exchange procedure
Right of revocation
According to the consumer’s retail code, the Client disposes of a right of revocation of 7 open days from the day of the arrival of the order.
If a product doesn’t correspond to the Client’s expectation, azitiz.co gives the right of revocation of 7 opening days to return the product(article L 121-20 du Code de la Consommation). This deadline begins when the package has been received. This deadline expired, the Client no longer disposes of any right of revacation.
In case of using the right of revacation, the Client will have the choice to ask
for a refund or a product exchange.
Refund procedure
A refund is made by any mode of payment.
A refund can be a purchase voucher or a credit in condition of the Client’s approval.
The Client will be refunded of the total amount paid, including the shipping and handling charge paid on the original order. The customer service will contact
the Client to inform him of the product refund.
Exchange prodedure
If the new order is a superior amount than the order being exchanged, the Client will have join, with the exchange request, the additional amount due. On the other hand, if the new amount in inferior to than the original, the Client will receive,
in the same refund procedures noted above, a refund of the excess payment.
Return charge
azitiz.co doesn’t take in charge the return charge. The return charge are totally in charge of the Client and won’t be refunded by azitiz.co, except for a product noncompliant.
Refund and exchage deadlines
The refund is made within 30 days after receiving the item sent back by the Client.
After this deadline , the Client is in title to receive the amount due with interest equal of the current legal rate.
In case of using the right of revocation, azitiz.co will refund the Client within
a deadline of 15 days following the returned items. However, considering the specific aspect of the products sold, this deadline can be extended up to 30 days, in particular when the product needs to be verified by an expert.
Details of implementation of the returned product
A right of revocation note has to accompany the items to be returned,
and the invoice number corresponding to these items. azitiz.co assures
the refund of the total amount paid of all the concerned items, including
the charge of delivery originally paid.
azitiz.co draws the Client’s attention on the necessity to join the copy of the order or the invoice.
Non refundable clause
The returned items by the Client has to be shipped in a new protective package.
The right of revocation will only be accepted if the returned items are in there origin state and complete (wrapping, accessories, notices, etc.). If the returned items are scratched, imcomplete, damaged or soiled by the Client won’t be taken back nor refund.
Gift certificates or purchase vouchers don’t constitute any money value,
they can’t be refund nor exchanged.
The returned items without proper protection or bad conditioned will be refused ;
it is the Client’s responsibility to return the articles in a good condition for the shipping.
For hygiene measures, the return of certain items won’t be accepted if the original wrapping has been unseeled, opened or ripped or marked.
In case of an error or nonconform : the return is to our charge.
In case of a delivery mistake concerning the order or any other precise error or nonconformity, azitiz.co will take in charge the return shipping cost.
Returned product
The return process is applied for the right of revocation. If the return procedure
is not respected, azitiz.co  won’t be able to follow on the Client’s request.
The return procedure
Any return of merchandise require beforhand the agreement given by azitiz.co and the return number delivered to the Client.  This return number has to well noticible on all the returned packages. The returned items has to be accompanied by a copy of the order bond or the invoice.
The Client is the only one responsible of the package and it’s contents, azitiz.co invites the Client to take all the measures necessary to avoir any risk of lost,
theft or deterioration. azitiz.co suggest the Client to return the marchandise
with  recommanded post with a follow up service and to eventually take an insurance with the carrier that covers the value of the returned marchandise.
The package has to be sent to the address below :
2 résidence Menorca
Baie Orientale
97150 Saint-Martin
Reminder concerning the return charge
azitiz.co doesn’t take in charge the return process cost. Those return charge
are fully at the Client’s charge and are not refundable by azitiz.co, only in the case of a nonconform item.
Personnel information
Statutory provision of the law “informatiques et libertés”
According to the law in relation to data processing, file system an to liberty of January 6th 1978, the personal information in relation to our Clients can be used for automated data processing. They will be used for statistics and for our customer file in order to personalize our communication and our product offer. They will be used by our intern services for your order handling and for our statistics.
According the the french law “Informatique et libertés” n°78-17 of January 6th 1978, the website azitiz.co has been declared with the Commission Nationale
de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).
At any time, the Client disposes the right to access, to modify, to rectify or to remove any information concerning him.(art 34 de la loi « Informatiques
et Libertés » du 6 Janvier 1978). To exercise this right, the Client has to contact azitiz.co.
The Client may receive offer from azitiz.co (Newsletters). If the Client doesn’t wish to receive those offers, he can at any time contact azitiz.co us and make the request.
Force majeure
azitiz.co cannot be hold liable for negligence by it’s contract obligation if concerning a fact originating a force majeure or fortuitious.
Internet Network
The responsability of azitiz.co cannot be engage for the inconvenience or any harm caused by the utilisation of Internet Network, in particular for any network dysfonction, any outside intrusion, the presence of computer viruses, data loss
or any other involontary problems.
It is the Client’s responsibility to verify or to make someone verify that his computer equipement and/or his telecommunication network is adapted an compatible with the azitiz.co website before it’s use.
It is also the Client’s responsibility to put in place all the protection reasonnable and necessary against all programs, devises or damagable communications, in particular anti-virus software.
Applicable right – Dispute
These general conditions of sales are ruled by the french laws wichever the country of purchase nor the country of delivery. The original language of this contract is french. If for any reason, one or many clause of these present
general conditions of sales are judged inapplicable or non valid, the other
clause will keep their full force and range. The clause or clauses judged inapplicable will be replaced by the closest disposition possible.
In case of a dispute, the Client make the commitment to contact in priortity azitiz.co in order to agree on a amicable settlement. In the case of an amicable settlement, the fact of not using one of the rights endowed for the Client
as per his contract, can’t be interpreted, in the future, as a renouncement to his right in cause nor an obstacle to use any other right.
Customer service
For any information or question, contact azitiz.co. azitiz.co team will handle any request in soon as possible.
It is also possible to contact the customer service by email : contact@azitiz.co or par post mail :
Maud Chabredier
2 résidence Menorca
Baie Orientale
97150 Saint-Martin
azitiz.co can address any notification scheduled on a contract, either by a notification on the website or by e-mail or by post mail to the Client registered
in our files.  The Client recognizes and accepts that one or the other of these methods is sufficient for his information.
Intellectuel property
All the elements on the website of azitiz.co, text, visual or sound, including technology put in place, are protected by the author’s rights, the label and the certificate.  They are the exclusive property of the vendor or explicitly authorized by the owner for the utilisation by azitiz.co.
The generic domain name azitiz.co, azitiz.fr belongs to Maud Chabredier.