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My first profession is « Graphic Designer ».
Having all the time the need to create,
I began to create jewelry in vegetal ivory also known as Tagua ou Corozo.
The vegetal ivory is a material that looks like animal ivory, that is the reason that they call it ivory.
It is a tough material, has an ivorywhite color, naturally gleaming
it is polished and ages well (like the animal ivory).
The main material is from colombia, the seeds falls naturally from the trees,
it is the fruit of the ivory palms that is used.
In the first time, I draw the jewels, than the workshop that I work with,
makes a prototype according to my designs.
I choose the forms, the colors and work my imagination to create the models according to the style of the moment.
Then the workshop does the production according to my choices of what I will sell.
I would want to say one thank you to the workshop(studio) with whom I work
which realizes me quality jewels.
So, to thank Benjamin who realized the outdoor photos and my manequins
both which are pretee in games(sets); Maya and Jessica.