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My main job is “Graphic Designer”.
Always having the need to create I became a creator of fancy jewelry in plant ivory called more commonly Tagua or Corozo.
Vegetable ivory is a material resembling animal ivory, that’s why it’s called Ivory. It is a very hard, ivory-white, naturally glossy material
if it is polished and ages well (like animal ivory). My raw material comes from Colombia, it falls trees naturally, it is the fruit of the “ivory palm” which is used.

At first, I draw my jewelry, the workshop with which I work with makes prototypes according to the drawings.
I choose my shapes, my colors and work my imagination to create models in the air of time.
Subsequently, the workshop makes the production according to my choices of sale.

I would like to say a big thank you to the workshop with whom I work that provides quality jewelry.
Also, thank you to Benjamin who made the photos outdoors and my two models who played the game; Maya and Jessica and my assistants Caro & Caro.